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About Our Handcrafted Buckets

Our handcrafted rustic cherry wood buckets are not only beautiful and decorative but valuable. They can be used for just about anything you can think of; planters, flowers, ice buckets, wine buckets, storage, by the fireplace, in a sauna, for boats, wedding gifts, magazines, bathrooms, and don’t forget, wood is for 5th anniversary’s. I use mine for my sewing projects.
The small, medium, and tall buckets were the original design and creation of William Freese, who started crafting boats and buckets in a garage on Beaver Island in 1983. He opened the St. James Boat Shop in 1985. These buckets have traveled and can be found all over the world.
Each bucket is sealed and has 3-5 layers of spar varnish, creating a beautiful finish that draws out the natural colors in the cherry wood. The handles are woven on each bucket; fishermen mend nets using natural hemp rope in the old tradition of splicing. Each bucket is put together with much care and consists of approximately 30 different cuts and steps to complete.
We have added other sizes and many other items, continuing to create beautiful rustic art.

The Making of a Bucket

Bucket, Bowl, & Basket Ideas

Handle Making Process

Completed Buckets