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Custom Stand-up Paddle Baords

Strip Wood Cedar & Cherry Paddle Boards

At the St. James Boat Shop we build our boards with quality and beauty, a true show stopper,the Cadillac of SUP’s. Made of 100% island lumber, milled and dried right here on Beaver Island. Our paddle boards are each designed and created with the avid boarder to the relaxed cruiser in mind, no two are the same. Careful crafting goes into every SUP from the hand carved fins to the intricate details of adding a piece of shipwreck wood to the board. Built much like a boat but housing a lightweight wooden core that creates a stable and easy ride across the water. Dan has built them out of cherry, cedar, maple, and the Great White oak (on display and for use at the shop). They are very stable allowing even the beginner to walk from end to end with ease. So pack a lunch, strap on a cooler, and your stuff for the day and take a ride on your own Island SUP.