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Handcrafted Paddles

Crafting Paddles

St James Boat Shop has been making Cherry and Cedar paddles for over 25 years. Each one is an individually crafted, unique, beautiful piece of useable art. Paddle away and then display in your home, cabin, or boat.

These handcrafted cherry and cedar paddles are made by our expert paddle maker Karen. She has been crafting paddles for over a decade at the Beaver Island boat shop. Each paddle is unique in design and is both beautiful for decoration and when in use. We have a large variety of styles and sizes from adult to child and will work with you to customize your one-of-a-kind paddle. Make all of our paddles unique with a personalized engraved message.

We have a miniature version paddle for keychains and ornaments.

Dan has also designed push sticks for longboards and paddles for SUP’s.

Maple & Walnut Paddles available by request.