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Burton Vacation Rentals & Auto Rentals

Enjoy Paradise Bay Harbor views from the St. James Boat Shop and Burton Vacation Rentals!

Vacation Rentals

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Step away from the hustle and bustle, and come and enjoy the unique experiences of small-town living in one of nature’s most wondrous places. An island rich in history and offers miles of pristine beaches, beautiful roads, trails, lakes, fields, forests, plant life, animals, and more. The entire family can enjoy this beautiful place to explore and get away!

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We offer Return Visitors, weather-related layovers, and Island Property Owner Discounts.

Vacation Rentals

We have a variety of vacation rental properties that you will love. Find something that will suit your needs, from an apartment or studio to a quaint home close to everything you need for a wonderful stay.

Auto Rental

Cars, Vans, Trucks, we have the vehicle for your upcoming adventure. Call ahead to reserve your car today!

Electric Bike Rentals

Battery-powered beats muscle-powered, and we have 16 e-bikes for that new out-of-doors experience. So tour and enjoy the island with an electric assist. In addition, we provide free helmets for everyone and offer child carriers for ages six and below.

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